Frogged Again

Snowman hat number–ahh geez, who’s counting–has been ripped it out again… I’m loving the colors and the butter-soft yearn is knitting up beautifully, but I just haven’t settled on the right pattern yet. The texture of stockinette and garter stitch is really doing wonderful things with the colorways, but the short repeats are making it seem a little too choppy. I think I knowhow I’m going to fix it, so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be well on my way. Have to take the kiddies to the doc’s tomorrow, so it’ll be a nice little project to toss in the tote.

Frogged Again

In other news, I’m getting ready to upload my entire stash into ravelry… woo-hoo! I’ve found a great spot to photograph the yarns, the light’s relatively diffuse but plentiful, and I can crawl up into the window to shoot from any side. I’ve been taking lots of little snaps these past few days and I have to say that I’ve been pretty happy with the results!

The Bay Window

But back to ravelry… I am really excited to have a place to catalog my stash. Now that I have a cosy little set-up in our bedroom and have found some time to organize a bit I’m starting to realize that there have been some great yarns I’ve overlooked that would’ve been great for a few projects already completed. I also am amazed at how much I’ve amassed, and how much bigger the stash looks when it’s all in one place. Make me think these stash-storing suggestions made by Clara Parks might come in handy in the near future. And there is an old defunct washing machine down in the basement…


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