Making Progess

OK, so after spending so time in Illustrator last night–went to bed at 1.52 am, I’m tellin’ ya there’s a reason I named this blog it’s two am–I think I’ve figured out the stitch pattern for the hat, as well as where to stick the decreases. Instead of going with six stitches of garter and two stitches of stockinette, it’ll be fourteen stitches of garter then two of stockinette. Repeat for the first few rounds, add a round of stockinette, then start the next set of pattern by starting with seven stitches of garter, two stockinette, then another fourteen of garter. This will offset the long garter boxes, which I think will look a little nicer than having the teal line run straight up the whole hat. I’ve decided to decrease at the beginning and end of the long garter sequences every two sets. That should make it a long hat, which I think will be a cute shape variation from what I’ve been working on. There is a little more to the pattern than what I’ve written here, so if you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll send you instructions.


One problem I ran into was carrying the second color strand on the back through the long number of stitches. After a few rounds I noticed that the teal was puckering the pattern because it wasn’t running loose enough behind the fourteen garter stitches. So I had to try to catch the yarn twice in the long sequence, which lemme tell ya, was a bit problematic–remember, garter stitch! After about an hour’s worth of experiments–none of which, I might add, worked out–and quite a few rounds ripped out, I gave up and went to bed.

This morning I ran a few searches and found this garter stitch intarsia how-to on “another knitting blog”–uh, in quotes because it’s quite literally the name of the site and I wanted you to know I wasn’t trying be snide. It is fabulous, and between the pictures and the comments, I’ve figured out how to catch the yarn without it showing through. Yippee for the internet! SO! The new goal is to finish this hat (or at least the meta-hat part) by tonight so I can start on its sister. Although maybe I shouldn’t state the goal so I won’t be disappointed that I don’t meet it after a day of dealing with puke-y, cranky babies that need loving, student projects that need grading, a husband who needs feeding, and a house that needs cleaning. Maybe I should stick with hey!! I’m super smart for finding a post that tells me how to carry strands in garter.

Yeah, let’s stick with that. Today’s goal was to feel super smart by using someone else’s creative genius as a means to a good end… add something about seeing far, standing on the shoulder’s of giants…

and on we go!


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