It’s Done!

It was an awful weekend. The babies were sick with the flu, RSV, and a particularly nasty ear infection, and very lovingly shared their bugs with me. It was hard to feel motivated to get anything done other than curl up under the blanket, watch trashy TiVo TV, crave hot dogs–only when I’m sick–chug OJ, and whine incessantly. I resisted the curling up in bed, but I couldn’t break myself of the other bad habits.

BUT there was a hat to finish. And I needed to get it off of my plate so I can move on to new things. It was supposed to be a gift for Christmas, now I have to see if I can get the others finished to make it a V-day gift. In order to do that, I’ll need to finish two more hats by Thursday… that might be asking a lot with three of the four of us sick.

Here is the final hat…woo-hoo!

Emma Models the Latest Snowman Hat

It’s not the best picture, but I’ll upload a better one tomorrow when there’s actual daylight.

Here are some details:


The Pom Pom…


The scarf was created using a modified “knitted on cord” from knitting over the edge by Nicky Epstein with the teal cord on the outer edges of a garter stitch scarf.


The band of the hat’s hat is also the “knitted on cord”.


And here’s the heavily textured pattern. I managed to carry strands across garter stitch while knitting in the round. It wasn’t perfect by any means–it caused a little puckering, and there are a few stitches of the carried teal that you can see if you look for them–but overall, I’m happy with the results. I want to play with the stranded garter stitch in the round some more and see if I can finesse it a little bit.

Other project notes:

Yarns used: Debbie Bliss Cashmarino DK in teal and of white (can’t find the colorway and dye lot numbers) and Freedom Spirit, shade 513. Can’t remember what the nose it made out of, but I’ll find out and post it later. All are knit on addie turbo 7’s. The pattern is a highly modified version of Susan B. Anderson’s Snowman Hat out of Itty Bitty Hats.


2 thoughts on “It’s Done!

  1. that hat is great, but the model is beautiful–can I have her?
    Oh and where are all of the pictures that you took while I was there????? grammy

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