All Quiet

Radio silence had to be maintained for a few days due to Project “Preservation of Sanity.”And to my confirmed three readers, I do apologize. I will do my utmost best not let it occur again.

I have been doing quite a bit since I finished the last snowman hat. I, of course, didn’t manage to finish the sister hat by that Thursday, although it is mighty close to being done and off the list. Not only did I have to take some time to recover from the flu, but I also managed to get a little side-tracked while I tried several different stitch patterns for the new hat. Before decided on the baubles, there were at least two variations of garter/stockinette patterns that just didn’t tickle my fancy, and then I frogged three different hat tops until I went back to my original idea which was to hold the two yarns double as I knit the decreases. I think the reason it’s not done yet is because I don’t love it. There’s a definite fondness of which I’m sure, but I just can’t decide if I think the doggone thing is too strange or not. Cute I’m OK with; kooky I like, especially if it is for me. But this one is a struggle to define.

Here’s one in-progess of an early, but frogged patternmaryfrogged2.jpg

Here’s the baubles

and here’s the doubled yarn top

ehhh… like I said, no love. And, this was a hard yarn to photo… my little camera kept picking up the halo and overexposing the shot. Yikes.


1 thought on “All Quiet

  1. i love how experimental you are 🙂

    it’s funny to me that love has so much to do with knitting… at least with a hat you’re done soon enough. i’m imagining something big i have to finish, but don’t love. ugh.

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