To Blog or Not to Blog…

You’ll have to pardon, pretty please, my inexcusable absence. I was really hoping by the end of this weekend that I might have a little more to show than what I do. But, unfortunately, I was catching up on several years of Pride and Prejudice neglect.
Several of my friends have told me that I should really sit down and watch it, but I never seemed to have it at the top of the Netflix queue. Well, TiVo recorded the Masterpiece Theater showing for me, and, of course, I got completely wrapped up in it and was up until the wee hours–once again–enjoying the first two installments. But PBS has broken it into a three part mini-series, and with my level of impatience, there was no hope in me waiting another few days to see how Mr. Darcy would win fair Lizzy’s hand. So I’m afraid I broke down and purchased a copy of it early Saturday morning, which meant not much got done as I’ve been watching it rather obsessively ever since.

Trying to figure out how to knit socks while being totally engrossed by the movie was probably not the brightest idea, yet that is what I was doing. I bought a copy of cat bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters because she seemed to have a fair amount of detailed instruction regarding the stitches and techniques one would need in order to finish a pair. I’m not sure why, but I’ve found the idea of knitting socks a bit intimidating, so I’ve put it off for quite some time. The idea of a one-stop-shop type book for sock knitting was quite appealing, so I decided this weekend was time to jump ship from hats for a while and dive into socks.

Here’s what I got


I’m not sure about the book. This was actually my third attempt at the pattern; the pattern wasn’t horrible–there were one or two things that could’ve been a little more clear, but I figured it out–the problem was with the diagrams. They were much more difficult to decipher than at first appearance. After I gave up on the diagrams and just knit the doggone thing, it went much better.

In addition, there were two knots in the yarn, which was relatively disappointing. I can’t imagine that it would be nice to walk around on a knot.

Mostly, I wish I would’ve just started the actual sock instead of bothering with the little teeny one. So that’s what I’m going to do tonight. AND, I’m going to do a little more research and see what other kind of toe shape I can do. I really hate the one suggested, and I know I won’t wear it if that’s how I finish it.

Here’s the yarn I’m going to use for my first pair of socks, my first Koigu!!


Hmmm… I’m starting to notice a color theme…


3 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog…

  1. You know, in my knitting career I’ve made three infant socks. Only one came out decently, and I had a horrible time picking up stitches along the heels. I found the whole experience so frustrating that I have never returned to the sock experience.

    Usually I don’t subscribe to the whole “why make it when you can buy it cheaper and easier?” scenario, but I’m almost convinced when it comes to socks.

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