How Much Knitting Did I Do Today?

The answer… none.

I’ve got one more class to prepare for and two more classes to attend before I send my students out in the cold, mean world for Spring Break. Yee-haw! I am looking forward to being all done, even though I had a particularly nice class this time around.

But I thought I might show off what little bit of spinning I’ve done so far… it’s not much, but it’s definitely something I’m excited about. I’ve already started looking at wheels, but I’m kind of sad that the hubby says I’m not allowed to have sheep. Luckily, these folks can help me with that.

Anyway, here is some extremely novice spinning. This is my first attempt with a drop spindle

and this is my first attempt with a Louet spinning wheel


It’s quite a laughable attempt, but honestly, it was lots of fun, and something that will obviously get easier wih more practice… you know, after I buy my own wheel. And all those little bumps and bauble-ly loops? TOTALLY planned.

BTW, I left this little bit at the store so I wouldn’t have to show anyone at home.


3 thoughts on “How Much Knitting Did I Do Today?

  1. According to my farm raised friend, you do not want sheep. They smell horrid, and are stupid. Besides, it’s so much easier to get the wool after it’s been removed, when you don’t have to detach it from a squirming hooved animal.

    You could get rabbits and do angora….

  2. Hurray for spinning! And for new spinners! My first attempts looked very like that – planned bumps & all! πŸ˜‰ In fact, it’s been so long that my current attempts may well look like that as well. Best of luck with the spinning, enjoy!

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