The Problem with Ravelry…

…is that it is sucking up all of my time. The little precious time that I have to knit between squalls of temper and myriad diaper changes and endless meal preparation and story book readings is now spent clicking on newly finished FO’s and searching for new patterns and finding folks with similar tastes in projects, colors, shapes, etc. And the little ads in the sidebar? Unfair, unfair, unfair. I have been really good and have resisted purchasing any of the gorgeous fibers I’ve seen online so far, but today almost broke me as there was a 10% off for Ravelers coupon code. Oh! What strength I possessed to have passed up that bargain!! And the number of projects I’ve seen that I’ve wanted to add to my queue… as if I don’t have enough lined up already. At the moment, I only have two projects on the needles, but almost all the yarn in my stash has been planned away… maybe I should break down and purchase some extra with that coupon.

One of the projects I’m working on is a Baby Surprise Jacket. I’m loving the yarn so far, and we’ll see how the striping works out… I’m thinking one garter ridge of a “base”color then one of the other yarns, then back to the base, then back to a different yarn… we’ll see how things shape up.


And at the risk of sounding blasphemous, and raising the ire of all devoted Elizabeth Zimmermann fans, I am not finding the pattern all that easy to work with. I’m still willing to consider that part of the problem is unfamiliarity with the actual sweater, and that once my first is finished it will all magically make sense, but at the moment I’m finding that it takes an awful lot of concentration and thinking ahead to make sure I’m staying on track. And that in and of itself is not such a problem, except for the fact that I decided to work on the sweater over knitting up my first pair of socks because I was looking for something a little less of a mental challenge. Maybe then this wasn’t quite the right choice. BUT, the online cheats I’ve found have been fairly helpful, and I’m still excited to see it develop, so I’ll stick with this until it’s finished.

Of course, I could’ve started a little hat, but the fact is that I’m really bad at having several projects going at the same time. I like to start one and see it through, and it very rare that I have more than two projects at the same time. It’s the same way with books; I can’t really stand not finishing one book before I start another. I have one sweater that’s been hibernating for a year, that I’ll start again in the Spring after I finish up all the baby knitting I have planned. I definitely see how it would be helpful to have more than one project going at times like these when I’m so tired that thinking is out of the question and I need something relaxing to click away at…

maybe if I bought more yarn…


3 thoughts on “The Problem with Ravelry…

  1. Ohmygod, I know exactly what you mean about Ravelry! (Thanks for taking the time to check me out on it, though… ha!) I barely get any knitting done anymore…

  2. I found it much easier after struggling with the stitch count, to place my markers either side of a stitch and decrease each side of it – then on the wrong side rows, purl that stitch between the markers. That way it keep a nice straight line of stocking stitch between your increases and decreases and it looks better too! I put the marker either side of the 35 stitch from each end. No more frustration!

    I am No1grandma on ravelry – so check some of my projects, and my blog entries are on there too!

    Keep persevering with the BSJ won’t you ? Next challenge for you – a Tomten perhaps ? Now that is cool and really much easier than the BSJ.


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