Not Much Progress…

…has been made on the BSJ. Sigh. I’m really sad that I can’t seem to find the motivation to make more progress.

But I did find a really awesome place to buy a new and bigger drop spindle, Spindlewood Co, out of Oregon. The very first I heard of this company was while poking around in Through the Loops; everything she said about Steve, the proprietor, is true… is was really nice to chat with him on the phone today, and he’s going to do everything he can to see if I can get the spindle to me by Saturday. There isn’t much stock on listed on his site, but he was more than willing to make anything I wanted and would start on it the day I called. Of course, being a novice, I’m not exactly sure what I want, but I know I need something a little larger than the two I have now. I told Steve this and he helped me pick one out that would suit my needs, all the while assuring me that he has a 100% guarantee with his purchases and if I don’t like the spindle, he’ll take it back and send me a different one. He and his wife also told me that SOAR is going to be in PA this year, in the Poconos, which is pretty close to my In-Laws. Guess I know where I’ll be the first weekend in October!


One thought on “Not Much Progress…

  1. holy cow SOAR! i looked at their website last week and it didn’t say yet. i think i’ll be applying for a scholarship… and maybe go even if i don’t get it.

    you want to carpool?

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