A Break From the BSJ

I needed to give my wrist a break from knitting, or at least that’s the defense I’ve constructed in latest detour from the baby surprise jacket. You see, my new spindle from Spindlewood came in today…


and I just happened to have the beautifully dyed roving from Cosy sitting around at my parents place–we’ve been camping out here at their house while the hubbie’s out of town on his latest trip. So I took the fluffed up fiber…


and gave it a few spins and managed to get a little bit to ply…


decided I wanted to try something a bit finer, if I could, so this was my second attempt…


Woot!! I was stuck on the “park and spin” method before this little ball, but I somehow managed to figure out how to use the drop spindle appropriately by drafting and dropping and it’s amazing how much more quickly it goes. I read somewhere on one of the spinning sites that it takes three days to make a spinner, and by my calculation, this was my third day of spinning, so I’m not an outlier.

Once you get started it’s hard to stop, so I spun up another ball, then plied them together…


found something to wind it around, and have my first official skein of yarn!!


Here’s a close up for those who aren’t sick of seeing/hearing of my latest spinning adventures…



A couple of things. First, I am really surprised at how thick the yarn is even though I thought the singles were really thin. Second, I was frustrated that I couldn’t keep my strands more even, but I really like how they plied up. There were a few outright bumps I could’ve done without, but uneven strands are OK by me. Third, the yarn is a bit ropey; can you say overspun? Overspun by a HUGE amount. But hey… I’m a novice.

I’m still really excited to do this… I’ve been really good and held off bidding on a few used wheels I’ve seen on ebay. However, I’m not quite sure how much longer my herculean resolve will hold out 🙂 I think I can wait until I knit up my first project with my first skein… what to do, what to do!!


One thought on “A Break From the BSJ

  1. Wow! Those photos are really gorgeous. I love the color and the finished yarn. I find myself surprised at how much the single expands when plied. I always think I’m spinning something fine until I let it twist back on itself and it’s the same fat old thing I always spin!

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