It’s Done!!

Woo-hoo! Finally finished the BSJ today… ends woven in and all, and lemme tell ya, with all the five different yarns I used, there were quite a few hanging out at the edges. It was really fun to take it to my parents’ place on Easter and throw it to people and ask them to make it a sweater. No one figured it out, although my sister-in-law came pretty close. SO! First some pictures, then a few notes:






Now the notes:

It was a fun knit, although I have to admit, it is not the easiest to jump right into. It was hard to figure out where to place the markers for the decreases, although it was easier for the increases. And without the markers, there is a lot of counting and focused attention required. BUT! Once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad… and once you get past the decreases, it definitely became easier and maybe even a little more fun. It was hilarious to see how it looked on the needles, and like I said, fun to hand off to people as a puzzle. I will probably make another one soon, but it is not my favorite baby sweater. I think it’s perfect to show off beautiful handspun yarn, and a certain number of stripes makes it interesting… and that’s where my opinion lies.

Oh one more thing, I do love garter stitch!

Ok, one LAST thing, I adore the buttons!! They’re by a small group of glass artists called Moving Mud. I dropped a bundle on them, but I don’t regret it at all. And the pcitures don’t do them justice… they are much more green.


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