Taking a Break for a Bag

I’m making excellent progress on the matinee coat… I think I’ll be done with the sleeves later this afternoon since I only have two more inches to go. I’m not really happy with the sizing at the moment–the sleeves seem entirely too wide–we’ll see how it looks when it at comes together. I really wish that this wasn’t my experience with Debbie Bliss patterns, but I seem to have difficulties with her pattern sizing quite often. The sweaters are beautiful, but I wonder how her editing process works, as the fit and ease that I get from following the pattern often differs from the pictures given as examples. The funniest part of all is that my gauge is off; the pattern lists 25 stitches per 4″ and I’m knitting 29 at 4″. I couldn’t imagine how unhappy I’d be if my gauge was spot on.

But beyond my problems with the sweater, I’d like to post about my new and amazing bag…

It is so lovely!! A basket woven of some reed that has been smoked then lined with dupioni silk… it smells heavenly!! I had a bag like this when I lived in San Francisco… I had it for three years before my dog jumped up one day and put his paw right through it. I had purchased the bag from a young woman who sold them through a Thai restaurant–I think it was called Thai Sticks–off of California Ave. She had woven the bag with much finer reeds and interspersed some color as well, but it was also lined with silk and smelled the same. I missed that bag so much that when E had a business trip out that way, I made him trek out to find the store and get me another. But alas! The restaurant was no longer there. And the internet let me down… I was never able to find another I liked as well.

That was until two weeks ago when I walked into Knit One to pick up an extra skein of Silk Garden to finish up my BSJ. I had no intention of buying anything else other than that doggone skein, but lemme tell you, my resistance dissolved when I saw that bag…did I fail to mention that I also bought some yarn to knit up a lightweight sweater for myself? I did? Oh, silly me! The bag is made by a socially responsible company called Lantern Moon, who pays fair wages and uses environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to produce their wares. I am in love!!

Anyway, impulse buy or not, I’ve brought an amazing piece of hand work into the house and I’ve managed to replace a part of my former life that I was missing for a while. Feeling pretty happy at the moment!


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