A Block Party

Well, it was a choice between finishing up the laundry and finishing up the sweater…

I chose to add a new post. 🙂

Last night I attempted to block for the first time. I finished up all the pieces of the matinee coat, and as I said on a previous post, it is the first project where not blocking would be an option. The edges were horribly curled including the lace points, the stockinette had a few tension issues, and overall the pieces needed a bit of shape.

So off I went to the laundry room, with my sweater pieces, my wet pillowcase, iron, ironing board and safety pins–hey you use what you can find, and I couldn’t locate my straight pins–and set up to block.

The sweater is knit up with Debbie Bliss Cathay, a blend of cotton, viscose and silk, so I chose to wet steam after reading up about blocking here on Knitty. The set up didn’t take as long as I suspected, and the results were pretty spectacular!! The piece on the right has been blocked, is nice and even and the edges don’t curl, while the piece underneath it is still bumpy and mis-shapen.

What really is rather annoying are the scarcity of measurements, which is typical of Debbie Bliss patterns. The longer I knit, the more annoyed I get with patterns that have no schematics with additional measurement information. I think this is also the reason that I’ve had so many problems with the final fit of some of the Debbie Bliss patterns… I often wonder if anyone checks the measurements compared to the given gauge and size being knitted. Also, the gauge for this pattern was specifically for stockinette, with none given for the lace. Without additional information regarding the width measurements, you’re knitting blind, which can lead to a bad fit. That is super disappointing after spending so much time on an article knit up with that much care and is certainly discouraging for beginning another pattern.

I had to re-block the bodice today so that the sleeves would fit–yug… schematics please!–but it didn’t take too long and now it should come together quite easily. Last thing to do is to stitch up the embroidery… gotta get that done tonight as the shower is tomorrow.

I really hope the soon-to-be-new-parents like it.


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