Time for a Confession

I have, in fact, started a new pattern since I finished up Lisa’s sweater, actually, I’ve started two projects, but one is super secret that I can’t show you until Christmas. Yup, that’s right…I’m trying to get a corner on my Christmas projects early. I can’t tell who it’s for or what it is, but if you’re on ravelry, look me up and it’ll be under my projects. The person who the super secret project is for does not have access to ravelry! Haa haaa haaaa. The other project is a little hooded cow-themed sweater jacket for the little guy. The bottom inches are done up in intarsia, which isn’t very difficult, but a little too fussy for me. So it has been languishing in the corner while I feel guilty about how little I’ve done and how it really should’ve been done already.

But the truth is, I haven’t actually done much knitting sine I finished Lisa’s sweater, as I’ve also been languishing in the corner, albeit with two little kids who need a fair bit of attention–and food–and their own separate corners every now and then. Turns out that we’re expecting our third addition to our little family this December. Hence the reason I’ve already begun the Christmas Knitting. Got lots to do before this one shows up, so it’s kind of my own count-down clock…. except I’ll lose out on the important last week before Christmas. Yikes!! This is going to take a huge amount of¬† organization¬† on my part. Wish me luck… organizational skill have never been my forte.

So please excuse the lack of posts for the last few weeks. The morning sickness isn’t too bad, but I’m rather exhausted, and not sleeping well–great combination, eh? As soon as I can find my USB card reader, I’ll upload some photos of the WIPs. I already snapped some, but I have to get them on my machine…