Battery Life

Hopefully I’ll be able to bang this post out before my battery dies. Actually, these days, my personal battery is running rather low and is becoming more difficult; not such good news as I’m only half way through the second trimester and this is when I’m supposed to be feeling my best. Yug.

I’ve gotten the yarn I needed to finish up the newest little gal’s BSJ. I’ve been waiting to finish up the jacket hoping that I could find a nice contrasting/coordinating yarn to get a little trim work done.

A lovely skein of Lorna’s Lace, colorway Charcoal. Yes you read that right, Charcoal. I actually took it outside to look at the color just to make sure it wasn’t grey. I’m so excited to not have to buy more Koigu! After I get the trim work done, the last thing I have to do is find some great buttons. We don’t really have any great button shops here in town, so I have to rely on visits to NYC or, of course, the internet. Currently, I’m really excited about distinctive buttons; great selection of modern style buttons. What’s really awesome is their “best match” service where you can send in a swatch and they send you buttons. Not sure how I feel about someone else picking out my trimmings, but I like their products so much, that I might just give it a try sometime.

Unfortunately, I have a few other things that need to be finished up before I can get to all of that. You see, two weeks ago, we heard of a local family who just recently gave birth to quadruplets. I don’t know many details, but they are all healthy, all around 2lbs, and there are three girls and one boy. I think it’s time to knit up a few preemie sweaters.

I plan on using Crystal Palace Maizy for these four little sweaters.. and I’m finding a whole lot of advice online about what is useful for these teeny little folk. What I’m not so excited about are the free patterns I’m finding, few of which, if any, contain any schematics for measurements, or even worse, any mention of gauge. Yug. The majority of the patterns only specify which needle size to use, and few here an’ there might even mention yarn weight. Since I’ve never had a preemie, nor known any preemies before they were older, I really need the required measurements so I can make sure that I’m knitting something that has any hope of fitting. I did receive a pattern for a preemie version of the BSJ from a great lady on Ravelry, no1grandma; that might be the sweater I make this round.

Well, at least I managed another post… although I’m starting to realize that I might have a few more projects lined up than I have time for.


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