One Hot Mess

For my third post in as many days, I bring you not a lovely project in progress, but on sloppy bit of brilliant string waiting for something some clever idea to happen upon it.

This little pile is six skeins of a summery blend of unknown fiber. I actually have another skein lying around here somewhere, but who can be bothered to look for yarn when the summer sunshine beckons you to the front porch? Oh, we were also hosting a three family yard sale, so that probably had more to do with my lack of time than any romantic gesture.

I purchased these skeins back at the beginning of June at School Products in NYC–thank you Kirstin for the wonderful recommendations–and of course, I was convinced I would never forget the fiber blend, so now I’m left wondering what the heck it is that I picked up. I believe it’s linen/silk but it could be cotton/silk. It’s soft, shiny and has absolutely no give, so at least I know that no sheep ever blew kisses in its general direction.

I have been sifting through my patterns, waiting for something to jump out and smack me, and I’ve spent way more time than is healthy on ravelry. I have a few ideas, but I think the major problem is that I’m not really excited to knit up anything I can’t wear this summer, and since my belly is swelling at an alarming rate it’ not as if a slinky cami is realistic right now. At the same time, this is likely the last kid we’ll have, so knitting up a maternity tank is also not so exciting. Hmmm…. unless, perhaps, I seam in two gussets on either side… that would be easy to remove next summer, right?


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