Hold on to Your Hats

I have actually accomplished some knitting this week!

A wee pair of Saartje’s booteesfree pattern!–to match the Koigu BSJ! They are teeny teeny teeny… I’m actually wondering if I might have to make a slightly larger pair just in case these are too small. I’m also thinking that it might be nice to have the Koigu as the main color, with the Charcoal yarn as the top contrast strip. It was a really fun little knit, and took me less than two hours to whip out, perfect for a break from other projects and for sitting and watching TiVo’s back log of History Detectives. Now I have to knit up the trim pieces for the sweater, knit up a little hat, find some cute buttons for all of the set and THEN I’ll call it done!

I also managed to finally finish up weaving in the ends for an lapghan that a knitting group I am in had finished up. It is now with the last set of hands getting a nice crocheted border before we hand it off to its intended to recipient. Hopefully I’ll get a shot or two of that to post. The majority of the women in this group are novice knitters, so this first project was a group of garter stitch squares knit up in garter, whip-stitched together with a contrasting yarn. It is quite warm!!

Woo-hoo!! Progress made!


One thought on “Hold on to Your Hats

  1. Oh gosh! Those are so adorable. I love the colors – so cute! I have that pattern printed but haven’t tried it yet. The straps are so fun.

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