Today, after finally locating my seam ripper, I began cutting into the wedding dress which has been languishing in the corner waiting for some attention. I started by removing the beads.

When I bought the dress, I thought it had a minimal amount of beading. When I sat down to remove all of them, I noticed two things: one, there were a good deal more beads than I first believed and two, the dress was rather filthy. By the time I managed to rip off all the beads, I realized that maybe my original assumption was correct, there wasn’t really that many.

I was hoping to send these beads off to a local artist, Memphis George, whose jewelery I both own and adore, to have her create a necklace using what I have as a starting point. Now I’m wondering if there’s enough. Of course, I do have a little headpiece full of crystals to add, so maybe she’ll still be able to make something interesting. Plus, I was hoping that she could add some color as well, so maybe I shouldn’t worry.

Once it was time to start ripping out seams, I was really considering taking the whole thing to the cleaners to get the fabric ready for sewing. Maybe it would be easier to clean it if the dress was still whole, although I thought if it was silk, then I should be able to soak it and get some of the spots in the more obvious areas taken care of myself. Then I happened upon the tag.

Huh! Whoddathunk? I never once considered what the make of the fabric was, and although I still love the dress, it certainly made me feel a bit of remorse over how much I paid.

Into the wash it goes! We’ll see how it comes out in another few minutes.


2 thoughts on “Huh!

  1. What an interesting process. Was it purchased before you were heavily into “fiber”? I know I’ve bought things not thinking about the fiber content and looking back I think, “gah, what did I buy that for?”

  2. You’re most definitely not the first person who has thought polyester was silk. The advantage to a polyester dress though, is how it withstands wrinkles so well.

    I can’t wait to see what she designs with those beads!

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