A Progress Report

I am up to 134 octagons. I need 204 total, so it looks like I’m making real progress, woo-hoo!

I might actually finish a crocheted afghan. And I might even finish it before the Olympics are over.

Guess I should figure out how I’m going to connect them all… any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “A Progress Report

  1. Well, the two obvious options are to crochet or sew. When I put together the gigantic-afghan-of-doom that I made Chris, I crocheted it together in strips, then worked the strips together. It wasn’t fun, but it was easy if tedious work. Of course, I’m sure there are other options that I’ve never used.

    Have you selected a unifying or contrasting color to work with? All of the pieces in mine were edged with black so I could just use black to combine it all without any thought.

    It looks really lovely!

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