Needing Something New

I have not crocheted a single hexagon since bringing the kiddies out to the grandparents on Monday. Sigh. How could I have lost my momentum? I was doing so well! It’s amazing how a chance of scenery can disrupt your daily pattern, and you can never be quite sure just how it will all work. Regardless of the reasons, I haven’t been picking up the hook even in those spare few minutes I’ve had between the numerous crises created by two small toddlers. Almost all of those fleeting moments have been spent napping. How I need those naps!!

Since being here, I’ve found myself day dreaming about all of the clothes that I could create once the belly has gone along its merry way after genetic experiment III has concluded. And I keep dreaming of this lovely object, the Scarf Tucked Coat by Helen Hamann. I never though I would have the patience to take this on, but if I do manage to finish this crazy afghan then maybe I’ll be able to convince myself to undertake the coat. I absolutely love big, over-sized sweaters and Dorkchic’s awesome FO is really so inspiring! I’m so very loving the orange, but I have a feeling I might end up with skeins and skeins of chartreuse in the near future. Can’t start a new project without new yarn, right?

No pictures today… I’m so lame.

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