Support a Worthy Cause

Dearest Readers,

Melinda of Pipe Dreams and Purling Plans, a blog of which I am quite fond, has created a fabulous giveaway to offer in exchange for your support in her 3day walk for the Suman G. Komen Fund for the Cure. For those of you who do not know about the3day walk, it is an amazing and grueling event in which the participants walk a total of sixty miles, twenty miles each of the three days of the trek. Along the way, the women will be fed, hydrated, and housed in tents all in support of their effort. There are several locations for this event all over the US, and Melinda will be walking in Washington DC, her third 3day, in memory of her mother. Please take a moment to read her blog and see if you think this is worthy cause for a few of your hard earned dollars, even in these hard times.


2 thoughts on “Support a Worthy Cause

  1. Oh Cheryl, Thank you so much for that. You somehow seem to have said in one brief paragraph, exactly what I mean to say and can’t get out no matter how many pages I write. Perfect. 🙂

    And more prizes are one the way, just today I’ve had a couple more vendors offer to send yarn (I’m so thrilled!!)

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