Cuz You Had a Bad Day

Got back from the vacation late yesterday afternoon… and what a vacation it was! Hurricane Hanna skirted up and over the Outer Banks and left most of everything intact. The whole family anxiously watched the weather reports for nearly two weeks before our trip, and with all the worry about whether or not the islands would be evacuated-thankfully the storm blew through earlier in the morning the day we were to arrive-not one of us gave any thought at all to how difficult it might be to drive through a raging hurricane. So in case any of you were wondering how that played out, let me assure you, there are many things I would prefer to do again than to drive with my babies on 495 around DC going 35mph through torrential downpours with winds whipping us left and right while watching the vehicles ahead of us hydroplaning out of control and flipping over several times before coming to rest upside down in the ditch. We pulled off the road, had lunch, and seriously considered vacationing for a week in a hotel right off the beltway… we weren’t even sure we’d need a pool. Luckily, the storm passed, the winds died down, and my nerves calmed enough that we were able to continue our drive and by the time we made it to the tippy top of the first island, the sun was out and the sky was blue. In the end, a good time was had by all, even if we were a little sad to see the week go by so very quickly.

Of course, today, our first full day back home, had to be a wash out. Before editing, I had a long, self-indulgent list of all of all the weary woes gathered during the day, but I think I can condense it down to these two items: I did not get more than three hours of sleep last night, and my beloved powerbook heaved its last breath. There is one more rather important event, but I just can’t bring myself to talk about it right now.

Sigh… no pictures today, once again. But tomorrow… a shiny new macbook! And a lovely 200 Gg external drive in the mail!

The exclamation points are almost convincing, no?


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