For Every Thing There is a Season

For the first time in quite a number of years, I am not teaching during the Fall semester. Although I enjoyed teaching, I’ve also enjoyed ushering in the Fall with the kids. It had been wonderful to truly appreciate these amazing September mornings with the morning sun mottled by fog providing a chill crispness to the air without having to worry about the stress of preparing lesson plans or grading. I think it will be a while before I’ll feel the need to teach again.

And just in time to arrive with the change of season, it appears that I have developed a nasty early autumn cold. Of course, with my current parasitic infestation–otherwise known as baby number three–I can’t take anything, so it looks like a weekend in for me with no socialization and plenty of tea… thank goodness I have my trusty tea warmer at the ready!

Luckily, Cosy, brought some amazing new tea, evidently a brand new favorite in this house if the fact that there are only a few more bags left is any real indicator. It makes the entire house smell wonderful, a bit like sassafras/rootbeer with hints of vanilla. Thank you for the tea, Cosy, and uh, it looks like I owe you an entire supply, since I’m assuming you didn’t purposefully leave it here. Luckily, Montana Tea sells their wares online… yippee for me!

Sniffle sniffle.


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