First, I would like to congratulate myself on my excellent choice of spouse, which is to say, Dearest Husband, I love you ever so much and I am so lucky to have you as my partner even after the latest Cheryl-induced disaster, at which you chose to giggle instead of threatening severe consequences.

It took every towel we owned to sop up the mess. What you see here is the second round of towels on the floor.

If you ever feel the need to clean your whirlpool jets, I recommend staying in the room while it runs. Even if you fill the tub beyond the level of the jets. Even if you’ve already run the jets for a minute or two to ensure that there there is enough water in the tub. EVEN IF you’ve set the timer downstairs so you wouldn’t forget to check it in fifteen minutes. Tuns out it doesn’t take long for your lovely, relaxing, swirly whirlpool to become a wildly spouting fire hydrant.


3 thoughts on “FLOOD!

  1. ahhhhh…what a nightmare….how is it all doing now? At least you will have a clean bathroom!!!
    Just spent a lovely time with a cuppa reading your latest posts, I am so loving your crochet and your little one in swirls of tulle…just lovely;-)

  2. don’t hate me, but i had a serious chuckle whilst reading this. totally something i’d do!

    thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂 i’m glad i found you. i added you to my list of blogs i read.

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