Remember this little bsj, waiting for a few buttons, a little dress up, and teeny baby to fill it out?


Guess what I found when I finally got around to fixing it up!


Guess there was someone else who decided to “finish it off” for me.

Sigh. It’s too big of a hole for me to fix without frogging, but truth be told, there was one or two mistakes that were driving me a bit batty, so this will be the perfect opportunity to fix them. I’ll get a chance to knit three bsj’s, but only have two to show for it. Live and learn, and buy cedar without abandon.

In other, happier news, all the Manon pieces are going upstairs for a good soak and block tonight!! Woot woot!!

What to Call It?

I hate calling it charity knitting, but I’m not sure I like craftivism either. All I know for sure is these skeins of yarn, will somehow, through my fingers, become a few scarves to be sent to certain people in charge of voting in support of LGBT issues. This will indeed be an extreme act of tolerance… knitting scarves in acrylic!!! SCARVES?? ACRYLIC?


So for now, I’ll just call it ugly. I was hoping that some nice artsy macro snapshots might make me feel a bit better about the color, or the fiber, or the project–I really despise knitting scarves–but alas! It has not softened my opinion. I am, however, hopeful that I’ll be able to transcend all of this so that I might be able to warm the the hearts of those receiving them to welcome the change we are calling for.

But, it’s acrylic… couldn’t it backfire?

Resting and Waiting and Making

Three weeks…

three weeks or twenty-one days…

twenty one days or two hundred and eighty-eight hours…

if I was being precise, then it would be two hundred eighty-two hours.

I prefer, at this moment, to think in terms of hours… because it seems like this will never end, and three weeks just doesn’t seem to communicate that feeling of desperation as well as two hundred and eighty-two hours. I know I should be, and I truly am, thankful that I will have the opportunity to carry this baby to term, giving her the best chance for a healthy start, but MAN! Four nights of powerful contractions three minutes apart for six hours that prevents one from sleeping is just about enough to send anyone over the edge. Luckily, a trip to the hospital for monitoring proved both how strong the contractions were, as well as how exhausted I was becoming, so I was able to get some good drugs to pull me back. And with a promise that if conditions remained as is then the surgery date would be moved up…. ah… relief in sight and sanity back in cheque!


But enough whining… one benefit of having so many contractions is the need for rest, which means lots of time off of my feet and more time for knitting! So here is how I’ve been spending my time these past few days, uh, after I caught up on my sleep!


A few things to notice:
• It’s Manon!! (rav link)
• Using Malabrigo!
• The gorgeous afghan knit up a few years ago by Laura (rav link)
• The tiniest little peek of my new slippers

I started Manon about ten days ago, and I have to tell you, it’s been such an amazing knit!!! The construction is incredible, the changing pattern keeps things interesting, and the shaping looks like it will lend itself to a beautiful fit. And can I just say… the yarn is really really working for me. I didn’t think I would become such a yarn snob, but I am thoroughly enjoying how soft and light this mighty little single is knitting up. Sheesh! I think I’m goign to have troubl giving this one up come Christmas… maybe, just maybe, it will be to big. It would be terrible to have to knit up another one of these!


And that blanket!! Laura crocheted this up for me before we left California a few years ago, and I have to say, should the house catch on fire–god forbid!–it will be the babies, the dogs, and this blanket that I grab on my way out. I’m assuming the hubby will either be out of town, or he’ll make it out on his own.


Laura has also knit up another fabulous sweater for the littlest one, which I promise to photograph and post uh, before the imminent arrival. Guess I better do that by tonight, huh, just to be sure?

And the slippers? Why am I excited enough to point out the few pixels dedicated to my new slippers? Well, you see, about seventeen years ago–geez, has it really been that long?–my aunt gave me a pair of slippers for Christmas. They were red cotton velour Isotoner ballet slippers with a suede sole, and every year, I’ve tried to replace them, but alas, they don’t make them anymore. They all have the rubber sole, and those aren’t my beloved slippers. Finally, I gave up the ghost and bought a pair of hand-made shearling slippers from a local store, the Sheepskin Shop, close to my father’s house, and I have to admit, I’m loathe to remove them from my feet! They were definitely more than I was looking to pay, but if I only buy one pair of slippers ever 15-17 years, then it’s a worthy investment… right? I’m still hanging on to the old slippers, but honestly, they’re beyond the point of comfort, even though they still look pretty good for as old as they are. Guess they’ll be perfect to take to the hospital… in two hundred eight-one hours…