What to Call It?

I hate calling it charity knitting, but I’m not sure I like craftivism either. All I know for sure is these skeins of yarn, will somehow, through my fingers, become a few scarves to be sent to certain people in charge of voting in support of LGBT issues. This will indeed be an extreme act of tolerance… knitting scarves in acrylic!!! SCARVES?? ACRYLIC?


So for now, I’ll just call it ugly. I was hoping that some nice artsy macro snapshots might make me feel a bit better about the color, or the fiber, or the project–I really despise knitting scarves–but alas! It has not softened my opinion. I am, however, hopeful that I’ll be able to transcend all of this so that I might be able to warm the the hearts of those receiving them to welcome the change we are calling for.

But, it’s acrylic… couldn’t it backfire?


2 thoughts on “What to Call It?

  1. I was told I had to use acrylic for a charity project, but I fooled them. I used washable wool instead. I just can’t handle how the acrylic feels and I figured that wanted acrylic for the washability of it. It couldn’t be for the feel or the warmth. Good luck!

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