Making Progess

On some fronts, but not on all. Here is the unraveled BSJ… three little balls of Koigu, begging to be cast on.


What I’d really like to be doing, this very moment, is taking a nap. Both of the kiddos are sound asleep, but alas! I’m busy having contractions, watching my Tivo backlog of Antiques Roadshow, and sucking down tea like I’m heading to the desert. I’m trying so hard to be thankful that I’ve been able to carry this baby full-term, but not getting any sleep because I’m having contractions every time I lay down is starting to blur my judgment.

I have two other projects to show, one the finished Manon, but I’m afraid I can’t be bothered to take any more snapshots today. I’m starting to fall behind on the Christmas knitting, but maybe you’ll take pity one me. I’ll at least have something to do while I’m recovering at the hospital!


2 thoughts on “Making Progess

  1. that is some seriously fabulous yarn!
    sorry about the contrax…ack. that’s no good. at least your body is preparing. maybe it will make for a fast and uneventful labor? here’s hoping!

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