More Button Trouble

I seem to have an infinite amount of trouble finding buttons that are just right. This can lead me to distraction and keep me up late at night, well, that combined with a nursing infant. Of course, this is leading to a horrible habit of finishing the sweater save for the placement of buttons. This, uh, issue of mine has now caused four sweaters to lie around incomplete… one of them long enough that some critter found it tasty enough to chew through. I still have yet to completely re-knit it. Ah well.

This Christmas I tackled the Manon of Norah Gaughan fame.


I loved, loved, loved knitting this one up and will write a bit more about that experience once I get my final photos taken. Although I managed to get it knit, soaked, blocked, and pieced together in time for Christmas, I couldn’t manage to choose between the buttons/closures I thought would work. In the end, I decided to let the recipient, my step mother, pick and choose. She’d have to wear it, after all, so why shouldn’t the burden of choice be placed on her?




She didn’t hesitate, bless-ed woman. Copper buttons coming right up!

I won’t even begin to tell you how many icord variations I knit up in attempt to gussy up the waistband. Let me assure anyone who thought some extra fancy decorative might be extra special; this sweater needs no embellishment. Anything I tried to add just distracted from the beauty of the construction and cabling.