Slippers! Felting!! Fun!!!

First born has been running around with ten blue toes for the majority of the winter. What’s a knittin’ mother to do but find a cute pattern on the internets and try to warm those toes right up? Thanks Ravelry!!




Little Snuglets by Maggie Pace of Pick-Up Sticks. It was a nice knit, although there were many pieces with a good deal of seaming since every piece was worked twice for each individual slipper. I used a chunky wool, Reynolds Lopi, for the exterior, knitting one size smaller to get gauge, and Alpaca With a Twist Highlander for the interior.

Photos are all pre-felted… they’re huge before sticking them into the washer. The felting and the never-ending drying have already taken place, but I haven’t taken photos yet since I have one more finishing touch to add… a cord of some variety for the closure. Once that’s done, then on the tiny twinkle toes they go!

2 thoughts on “Slippers! Felting!! Fun!!!

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