I’ve had a slight obsession with sandwiches lately. Could be because of all the bread I’ve been baking since late last Spring… we need some way of eating it without feeling guilty… but I think it all started a few years ago when the husband and I stayed at the MGM Grande in Vegas. We shacked up for a few days with the eldest baby–we only had one at that time–in a suite in the condo towers behind the casino. The towers and casino were connected by an enclosed walk-way and a few steps away from the doors of said walk-way on the casino side there lived a ‘wichcraft of Tom Colicchio fame. We grabbed a sandwich-to-go every day of our stay, and I am now convinced that this trip got the wheels a’turnin’.

I do believe this is the very sandwich that pushed the thoughts into action.


A goat cheese, avocado, walnut pesto with arugula on foccacia. Yum.

And here is my latest offering for sandwich night, now a weekly dinner event around our table.


Braised escarole and sweet italian sausage with white bean bacon puree on whole grain sourdough…


and a little bit of parmesan.


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