Slow and Steady

New decisions hearld new projects:


If you only knew how many times I’ve ripped back each row of the twisted stitch pattern, you’d laugh at my optimism at finishing it. I remain hopeful because there are definitely fewer frogged rows with every increased hour of sleep I get per night.

The yarn is this fabulous stuff I procured last year during my weekend in NYC. I have each finger and toe crossed that I will have enough… I can always shorten the sleeves, right? Laws-a-mercy, it’s gonna be close!!


There comes a time, normally following a number of weeks of high intensity, when my mind shutters out the chaff of the daily doings and my body seeks the equilibrium that was disturbed by the events requiring so much of my limited reserves. One of two things occur at this point; either I get horribly sick or I begin another repetitious cycle of insomnia. It is strange that my body craves rest yet is unable to allow my mind the ability to drift and not spin. I watch these familiar events almost as a casual observer, albeit a sleepy, unfocused, and dare I say, grumpy one. Although the insomnia normally takes a few weeks, maybe few months to resolve, I prefer it over illness. During the early hours of the morning I sit and knit, maybe catch up on a book or two, nonplussed at rereading a single paragraph several times over or repeatedly ripping back a few rows. There might only be a few short hours of sleep in the end, but those hours unwinding the coils of wakefulness are quiet and contemplative and productive in manner that belies my normal nature. This is the way in which my mind learns again to achieve stillness once more.

This is a long, self-involved way of saying that a decision has been made, I am recovering from and preparing for the ensuing madness, and this blog will be back online quite soon…

after I get some good sleep.