Coming Up for Air

It has been a long, yet altogther too short summer here in this house o’mine. Although I gave myself permission to be creative and capture the moments in which I was doing any activity that might be construed as meaningful in that particular manner, what I failed to realize is how overwhelming all the work would become. I can’t remember another time where I felt stretched quite so thin; between the contractors, the cleaning and de-cluttering, the visitor we hosted for six weeks, the kids, and the commuting husband, the details all began to blur into one long, endless trial of endurance.

Now I’m on the other side, and seemingly I’ve missed the summer. Where did it go?

And God help me, I’m going to start into my Christmas knitting any day now.

I have big plans for the next few months… big, BIG plans.

Now, does anyone want to buy my house??



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