A Birthday Gift

A few weeks ago my eldest and I found a lovely little lunch box that we thought we would fill with art materials and fun activities for my nephew who was turning three. We planned to make jello play dough and bean bags, at the very least. Of course, by the time we were done, we no longer had room in the lunch box, so we had to find a tote.

Using a freezer paper stencil cut from a printout I designed, we personalized a brown tote.


The bean bags were also personalized, with lowercase on one side…


and caps on the other.


We also made a few drawstring bags to hold some of the other goodies we pulled together for the tote.


It was a fun distraction from all the craziness of preparing the house for the market, and we had a blast making the play dough and talking about what to put in the bag. It’s also been a while since I’ve sat in front of my sewing machine… it was nice to know that I can still sew straight lines.

Overall, it was just so nice to take some time to make something again.


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