All That Glitters


I started this project immediately after finishing up my socks. The Yarn, Merisoft Hand Painted by Punta Yarns literally jumped into my basket while I was walking around one of my favorite shops, and I fought hard to regain control of the situation by putting back all but one skein before I walked up to the cashier. But all my resolve was lost after I knit up a small gauge swatch later that night.

It was like knitting up stitch after stitch of tiny little jewels. The yarn is a single ply, and buttery soft, so I have been itching every night to get the kids to bed so I can watch this pattern unfold. There’s no motivation better than a good knit to make us jump right back into a schedule!

The pattern, Summer Set Long Moss Stitch Cardi by Pam Allen is not a sweater I was planning on making up, but I was intrigued by this lovely little project so I bought the Classic Elite pattern book and found quite a few sweaters, like this one and that one, that are begging for some creative energy; this one topped them off. I checked the pattern to make sure I would have enough yarn, then ran back to the store the next day to grab the rest of the lot. This was kismet.

Of course, I’ve already ripped back a full seventeen inches of work after I decided to knit the next larger size. This photo was mid-rip… but I’m already back right where the trouble started. After knitting lace on size 2 needles it’s amazing how quicky things knit up on 7s.


3 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. Leslie tempted me as well, which is why I bought the same pattern book. There are some lovely things in there. I don’t remember seeing the project you’re working on, but I think I need to add it to my queue. I’m a sucker for a cardigan!

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