When Life Hands You Lemons and Too Many Adverbs

Or when a certain airline deems you need to sit in an airport for a few hours because there is no plane for you…


Might I suggest, casually, you call your husband to tell him about your delay, unless of course, your cell phone dies because the movers packed the cord before you had a chance to recharge. Then, I might advise finding yourself a lovely little irish pub for some boxty and Facebook (please note the all important coffee beverage within arm’s reach!)…


Until, predictably, your battery runs out because you smartly packed the power cord in the checked bag so as to save yourself a bit of weight in your carry on. The next step, obviously, is to grab your handy dandy butter yellow yarn and brand new knit picks needle set to whip up a much needed hat for the youngest child using a lovely pattern from a lovely book by and even lovely-er friend...


Unless you discover, naturally, that the cord that attaches the needles is much too long to knit your wee cap in the round (14″ diameter cap on a 16″ cord between two rather long needles = uh, not so much!). In which case, I would propose, that you find your gate and spend some time ruminating what you might use to shorten the cable (no scissors or lighters allowed, so no cutting the cable shorter and melting the plastic back together) or as alternative needles (chopsticks, anyone?) until you happen upon the idea that using two too long cables might work. I didn’t have two sets of number 4’s, so on each cable I attached one 4 and one 5 needle…


So as to make progress! Put these all together, add a dash of extra will-the-plane-make-it-or-not time, a few shakes of some horrendous rush hour traffic, and an hour of knitting recovery time at your new home to re-establish your sense of humor…





because, almost certainly, the hat will be entirely too small to fit your babe’s head.


3 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons and Too Many Adverbs

    • no kidding, right? I’m so glad that my sense of humor has been restored… it finally means that life is starting to regulate again.


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