Sweaters for Your Feet

Taking photos of socks is not as easy as one might expect! Well, for those of us who haven’t ever photographed a pair, anyway. Maybe this is old hat for some of you, but who knew how complicated it could be! Here’s a small summary of my first socks photo findings:

  • Get rid of all dog hair and dust, both on the floor and on the sock. Check again. Check one more time. Then look again just for good mesure.
  • When trying to get rid of said dust, it’s probably best not to use the sock as a temporary swiffer
  • Don’t let socks slouch
  • Figure out how to set the self-timer before setting up tripod (or in my case, a few legos)
  • Make sure kids are asleep so they don’t remove the legos whole your back is turned
  • Most importantly, stretch! Self sock photography is not for the weak… or inflexible.

After an hour or two of a rather painfully steep learning curve, I have some FO photos to share! So without further ado, here they are! My first pair of socks, Atlantis by Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops.




I love them! I really do! I’ve actually worn them three times before I got them photographed and now the heels are looking a bit felted and worn (which is why I havent worn them more before getting pcis). I can’t believe I waited this long to knit my first pair. I’m sure you’ll notice, especially in this picture directly above, that the colorways are a bit off, but honestly, I don’t really care so much. My feet spend very little time side-by-side, and when they are, they are directly in front of me, up on the table, enjoying the quiet while I’m sipping some hot tea. As the mother of three, this happens so rarely that when it does occur, I can’t be bothered to get upset at something as minor as a color shift. And I’m certainly not going to point it out to perfect strangers while out and about! I’ve also made a mistake or two that I let slip, but just watch and see if I’m going to show you those 😉

The pattern was a complete joy to watch unfold, and the Koigu was such a dream to work with. For me, it was an interesting exercise, as this was my first major lace undertaking–other than the little baby sweater I did a two years ago, but it wasn’t nearly so involved–as well as my first pair of socks. Definitely a steep learning curve with this project! Although the Koigu was incredibly soft and heavens-to-Betsy do I love the colorways, I beleive that I will try out some sock yarn with a bit of nylon to see if they hold up a bit better. The felting is definitely pronounced on the heel, although I imagine that it probably increases the strength of the fabric somewhat.

I did run into two issue while knitting. One was a small discrepancy in the pattern when it came to the number of stitches in the heel flap purl row; Kirsten immediately sent out a correction, although I have to say that it was such a minor issue that had I a bit more confidence I would’ve done as my instinct told me to and not worried so much. Also, on my first sock, there was a rather large gap / hole right where the last stitch, or is it the first (?), was picked up in the heel turn. See it below, that little stitch that looks all ready to give out and unravel at any second?


Here it is a little closer, right smack dab in the center.

atlantis4closeb copy

I was able to correct in on the second sock following this tip from the TECHknitting, a really wonderful source for knit construction tips, if you haven’t been there yet.


Look Ma! No holes! Woo-hoo!

I think I’ve been bit by the bug… I’m not sure I’m going to fall prey to the second sock syndrome (famous last words, I’m sure), but I tend to like knitting a pattern more than once anyway, and by the time I finished with the first, I feel like I’ve just become acquainted with the pattern and that I’d like to spend some time getting to know it a bit better! So the second sock flew off the needle in record time. And it’s all so compact and easy to travel with! Now that I have a decent pattern holder, I see no reason to travel with any other project in my bags… well, maybe I’ll leave some room for a hat or two.

So! Thanks for putting up with me rather sketchy photos (I’m sure I’ll have better to show nex time ’round), and my long-winded post! If any of you are hesitant to try socks, I say jump on in! No time like the present to make some sweaters for your feet!


2 thoughts on “Sweaters for Your Feet

  1. That’s your FIRST pair of socks? Gorgeous! I think your photos are lovely, too. I love knitting socks SO much. But the pretty ones I like are highly impractical for my dirty floors and huge woolly beasts. I suppose I could actually wear my shoes indoors, but that never lasts 😉

    • Heh, Mel, you’re so kind!

      You should see our floors! Covered in dog hair, little toys, bits of food, but Lord! I do not care at this point! I am so doggone happy with the socks and I love how they feel on my feet. So impractical (cuz you know, nice yarn is soooo cheap 😉 yet they’ve made me immeasurably happy! I just bought a few new sock skeins for inspiration and I’m eyeing up a pattern or to from cookie a, but not until I finish two very important little knits for soon-to-be-one year olds… and maybe a pair for the hubbie. He won’t wear sweaters or hats, but he said socks might be OK!


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