A Collaborative Work

Some time ago, I joined a small knitting group from a small church where we began knitting small squares for the smallest of all members. This blanket is intended for a babe who shares a name with one of my own.

It was a few months of collaborative effort with novice and bordering-on-expert knitters alike.

Each stitch labored over in love, happiness, companionship, and generosity,

standing as a testament to the adage “many hands make light work”.

It has been sent off today, where it will soon be placed in the hands of a new mother to wrap around her son.

I will miss having the blanket around, as it was, for me, a symbolic thread connecting me to the amazing group women of which I was so grateful to have been a part. Thank you, ladies, for all of your kindness and compassion. I am sad to be far away from all of you.

And many blessings, little one, on your special day. May these stitches shield you from the cold and offer comfort in the years to come.

5 thoughts on “A Collaborative Work

  1. Wonderful (your words and the blanket) – so heartwarming! Also, this brings back warm memories of my Grammie – “many hands make light work” is one of those phrases I grew up hearing her say (she was a knitter too, of course!)

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