Today was the day we celebrated a major milestone… our youngest babe’s first birthday.  The older two are now of the age that they understand birthdays mean cake and presents, and they were both so very excited to prepare something for their little baby sister. How could I resist? I put them both to work on a few white t-shirt sleeves with “Mama’s Very Special Markers.” One was for our babe, and the other sleeve is for our baby cousin, who turns one next week.

Once the artwork was complete, I pinned it under a lovely little baby doll top, traced out a big number one, ran a running stitch around the outline, then cut out the interior of the number for a reverse applique a la Alabama Chanin.

Excuse the rather sloppy photos, as I’m still getting used to my new camera and didn’t remember to reset my settings from a previous experiment.

It really didn’t take too much time at all and since I had a few practice shirts over Thanksgiving (details coming soon) I was pretty confident that I could get it completed in time.

All done! For her number one!! I am so excited that we found a way to bring the other kids into the preparations this year. Not only did they help make the shirt, but the oldest helped bake the cupcakes, and the middle guy helped Daddy put together her wooden walker.

What a wonderful, meaningful day full of  joy.

Happy birthday, little one. You are so very loved.

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