Birthday Cupcakes

No birthday is complete without cake, especially a first birthday, right?

So back I went to Elinor Klivans Cupcakes!, and baked up a batch of Sticky Fig Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Sauce.

They. Were. Divine.

Instead of using the suggested sticky brown sugar sauce to top the cupcakes, I decided to use a brown sugar seven minute frosting, Penuche Frosting if you want to get all fancy! This frosting is stiff enough to stand up to some piping, and had I cooked it just a tad longer, those peaks would not have slouched at all… luckily, even though they were a bit floppy looking, they were still glossy, very light and tasty. The gorgeous little liners were from Bake It Pretty,which added just the right little festive touch for our celebration! I made three small edits to the recipe; I made normal cakes instead of jumbo, I pureed the figs after they soaked, since quartered figs would be too much for a one year old to chew, and when it was time to remove the cakes from the oven mid way through to pour the sticky sauce on them, I poked the center with a knife, and spooned the sauce in the subsequent hole so it wouldn’t run right off the cake and onto the paper cups.

I even had some assistance making them up.

For the first time, she licked the beaters, so I suspect she will be quite excited to help the next time as well.


3 thoughts on “Birthday Cupcakes

  1. How lovely! They look delicious and those papers are adorable. I was going to ask where you got them, but you are just on top of it. Happy birthday, little one!

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