What Do You Do with All That Yarn?

Why you make hats of course!

Introducing the Permafrost Hat by Cosy! It is currently being test knit and this is one of the examples.

Here’s a little tidbit from me to you… when you offer to test knit for someone, you should probably follow the directions as written, and not go off and do your own thing. See, when you’re test knitting, your testing the knit as written. So don’t go and get all fancy. For instance, when it says to knit in the round, why don’t you go ahead and do that instead of knitting it flat so you can get a funky orange intarsia stripe. Back and forth knitting is not the same as knitting in the round and if you’re trying to find potential problems with the pattern, it’s best to remove any possibility that your brilliant, err, interpretation of the pattern might have caused. Really, really sorry Cosy! I made it up to her by knitting another one that I can’t find!

Anyway, I have to say this pattern is brilliant! I absolutely loved knitting it. If you’re new to cables and find them intimidating, I suggest you try this one out. The cable is created with a slipped stitch (easy!) over several rows, then dropped and picked up, no cable needle needed which makes it the perfect introduction for cabling without a needle, in my humble opinion, the only way to do it.

I also have to add, using your own hand-dyed yarn is oh-so-fun! Not that I don’t love it when I knit something for someone with normal ‘ole yarn, but it’s that much more significant when you add your own touch to the color. Both of the hats I knit up went to my kids, and they totally love them, which makes me beam!

And one last parting shot…

Go grab this pattern as soon as it’s up. You won’t regret it!!


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