It Has to be Done

Sometimes, in order to maintain any creative energy, cleaning and tidying needs to occur.

I do not enjoy these moments… I am not, by nature, a happy housekeeper. I do what is necessary to keep the house at some acceptable level of cleanliness, but I’m afraid that organization and keeping things tidy in this interim house have definitely taken a lower notch on the priority list. It’s not that I don’t appreciate a sparkling clean and everything-in-its-place tidy house, I just wish it would happen without any effort on my part.

Anyway, it had to be done, so of course I started with the stash.

Make that part of the stash.

Sometimes, even though I am loathe to admit it, a nice cleaning up can do wonders for your focus and state-of-mind.

My only wish is that I could find a way to make cleaning up an inspirational activity.


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