A Christmas Knit

What is this, you say, Christmas was months ago? Yeah, you’re right, but I wanted to get this post up so I could have some record of it.

You’ll never believe what it is… another Snowman hat!!

I know, I just knocked your superwash merino blend socks right off didn’t I?

“Another snowman hat” you say “I just never expected it!”

I don’t think I’ll be proud to mention that there are more… oh yes, there are more. There are more than are posted to Ravelry, more than I’ve shown here, and more that haven’t made it off the needles yet.

If ever I should find some time to knit for myself again, and I get to the next pair of socks, I can assure you… second sock syndrome will not be a problem.

So the details, another Snowman Hat by Susan B. Anderson of Itty Bitty Hats, heavily modified. I used a bow tie for the scarf, and used a funky half-kitchner stitch (honestly, I have no idea what to call what I did) to the bottom of the tie band to match the picked up stitches on the top of the band. I created a little snowflake inspired fair aisle pattern for the top (which I re-knit at least five times, trying to find the right pattern and colors), and a rolled stockinette edge for the hat band.

This is a brother hat to this one, which I knit two years ago but never found a head for. My brother and sister-in-law asked if I might make some more hats for them, as my nephew wore his last one out. Well, who could say no to such an enthusiastic hand knit wearer? Of course, now there are two little guy sin the family, so another hat needed to be knit. When I started this one, I figured I’d do the bow-tie for the younger fry so he wouldn’t be pulling the scarf all the time, not realizing the older hat was meant for the smaller head… ah but I had the best of intentions.

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