This Moment

From Soule Mama:

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

My First Spring Bouquet

A few weeks ago my daughter came in from the yard with the absolutely stunning harbinger of Spring to present to me.

Is there anything sweeter than having your child bring you beautiful bits of nature to share with you?

We have been picking flowers from this wonderful yard to place around the house ever since. There has been no shortage of surprises coming from the earth. I am in awe of the bounty as well as my children’s wonderment and curiosity of it all.

Hand Prints

A few weeks before the unmitigated stainless steel cup disaster, the kids, my mother, and I went to the local pottery place on a rainy day to keep us all entertained. We were there for more than three hours! I couldn’t believe how much the kids enjoyed themselves; the four-year old especially. The majority of the items she created were actually made for others, which warmed my heart.

For myself, I decided to make a platter of the kids hand prints, which has turned out to be quite a treasured item. The band around the edge was created using their finger prints.

We also made with three small plates with each individual hand, which the kids use every single day, and beware the mother who attempts to give the wrong hand print to the incorrect child.

We can’t wait to get back! Have you seen this idea for kids plates? I’m thinking of trying these next, which I think my kids would love.

Late Over Never, Right?

I am behind on my Christmas knitting. And just in case you considered, for a second, that I meant my preparations for December 2010, let me assure you, I meant this past Christmas, you know, the one in 2009. I don’t know how it happens, really; I plan, I make, I plan, I make, then I plan some more and then before I know it, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m madly knitting the day through skipping breakfast and lunch in attempt to finish up a baby sweater I completely forgot all about. Seriously? Who does that? Forgets about a sweater? Sure, maybe you run out of time or energy, but completely forget all about it even after packing up the yarn and instructions? Sheesh.

Regardless of how it happened, I once again found myself up against the Christmas deadline with absolutely no way to complete all the work. Remember this afghan? Begun in 2008 as a gift for Christmas ’08, completed in January ’10. And I wasn’t going to do anything until that baby was put to bed. And then the baby sweater. And then a sweater for one of my best friends, who went and got herself knocked up! Woo-hoo!! This particular friend, who married my husband and I, made me a gorgeous afghan several years ago (eh-hem!) as an exchange: She would make me the blanket, and I would make her a sweater. I did, in fact, complete a sweater  for her, but it was so hideously ugly that I couldn’t bring myself to gift it to her. I started two other sweaters for her, both of which got frogged before much progress was made. So I decided the time was long past due for her to receive her promised knit.

I wanted to knit something for her that she could use during the months she was gestating, then for nursing and maybe beyond. Quite a feat for one garment, but I was hoping I could find something to fit the bill. And thanks to Ravelry, I did indeed find a few that might work, one of which was Cormorant by Norah Gaughan. This is my second sweater from her, and I have to say both have been an absolute joy to knit. I’m so very close to being done. I have knit the main cardigan pieces, sewn them together, and woven in all the ends, and now I’m knitting up the yarn-over lace ruffle. I’m really hoping it will be as stunning on the soon-to-be mama as it is on the needles.

I’m knitting it up with some beautiful yarn from Sweet Georgia, an independent dyer working out of Vancouver. The color is phenomenal, and it’s the shade that my friend picked out for herself. I do have a few complaints about the yarn however, one being that it is super splitty due to the complete lack of twist in certain lengths of the fiber–I have spent way too much time dropping stitches in the middle of the knit to catch errant stray plies–and none of the skeins I’ve used have been without knots, with one skein having four or more. I have written to the shop owner last week, but still haven’t heard from her yet. We’ll see  how she responds, as I’d really like to try more of her yarn.

So, I’m hoping to finish it up any day now… I was hoping to have it done in March, err, make that December, um, OK a few years ago. But hey! Better late than never, right?

Another Thrifty Find

Here is the next of my fun finds while out and about searching for a table and chair set: this cool seventies china hutch!

I have to say, I’ve found more awesome things back home in Pennsylvania than here in Massachusetts. There were at least four or five little treasures that were calling out my name, but I resisted until I found this piece! She is destined for the craft room, err, rather the craft “area” in the house as a home for yarn. I’m deathly afraid of moths, so having a place to put the fiber in something a bit more secure than a wicker basket is something I’ve been trying to resolve for a while.

She’s not very big, but she’s really cute! And after a nice spray of turquoise paint, a lovely black and white damask paper on her back, and a harware update (oh the possibilities!!) her personality is going to shine right through!

Now!! I just have to figure out how to get this and the desk up here from PA where my parents have lovingly obliged to store my finds for a few weeks. Can’t wait to get them back here to work on!

A Find From the Heavens

We are soon moving to a new home, not quite the home we hoped for, but given our bit of insecurity in the job and housing market, the house we’ll be with for at least two years. I am busily making plans for it, and in doing so, have decided to try to find as many used items as possible. I thought it would be really run to grab an old wooden kitchen table set, a few different chairs, a used corner hutch, and a few cans of spray paint, which is exactly what I did. Well, at least, I found a table and chair set that I’m excited to paint; it wasn’t exactly beat-up or old, but in excellent condition and much much less than a new set.

Anyway, this is my way of setting the scene for the most improbable find, which jumped out at me upon the first little antique store I visited.

A child-sized roll-top desk for my beautiful soon-to-be-five-year-old.

Can you believe that I almost considered–for a full minute–walking away from this precious beauty? This was such a personal find for me as I remember when I was a child I thought a roll-top desk was the bees knees. It will need a bit of TLC; the finish is worn in spots, but overall the condition is excellent. The desk rolls up and down without a hitch and the chair swivels up and down which I know will be the biggest hit with my new-to-school girl.

The plans is to sand it down, and paint it white, personalize it with a few touches and a new desk set.

I can’t wait!!

Another Birthday Shirt

A few short weeks ago, we celebrated another birthday for a very special little boy. And to commemorate the event, this birthday shirt was created.

It is quickly becoming a birthday tradition. The kids enjoy making them, and this boy especially loves wearing it. It is in the wash at least twice each week, although it’s increasingly difficult to get it off of him.

We’re already planning the next shirt for the four year old’s upcoming birthday in June. She’s making sure that we’re all planning well in advance.

A Little Bit O’ Help, Pretty Please?

Heya Folks? Remember me? And uh, remember this project?

Well, I need a little bit of help. This lil’ bitty sweater has been almost done for more time than I care to admit.  It has even spent a bit of time on a wee babe until I just couldn’t stand it anymore. That bright white trim on that shade of blue? It was too much contrast; too much fighting, not enough love. So the trim was ripped off, as were the buttons, I added a few teeny little pieces of beaded embroidery, and have been looking for buttons ever since.

I will not, ever, tell how many buttons I have purchased and/or looked at for this thing, but I’m sure if you use your imagination, you might get half-way there. Now I think I’ve been stuck for so long that I’ve lost my ability to make a decision, so I’m asking for a little help. After a trip to Manhattan’s button district, I think I’ve found three potential winners, but at this point, I can’t really tell. So throw a girl a bone, would ya?

The bitty brown-y buttons?

Pearly white?

Or darling little daisies?

Help!! I want to get this one done!