A Find From the Heavens

We are soon moving to a new home, not quite the home we hoped for, but given our bit of insecurity in the job and housing market, the house we’ll be with for at least two years. I am busily making plans for it, and in doing so, have decided to try to find as many used items as possible. I thought it would be really run to grab an old wooden kitchen table set, a few different chairs, a used corner hutch, and a few cans of spray paint, which is exactly what I did. Well, at least, I found a table and chair set that I’m excited to paint; it wasn’t exactly beat-up or old, but in excellent condition and much much less than a new set.

Anyway, this is my way of setting the scene for the most improbable find, which jumped out at me upon the first little antique store I visited.

A child-sized roll-top desk for my beautiful soon-to-be-five-year-old.

Can you believe that I almost considered–for a full minute–walking away from this precious beauty? This was such a personal find for me as I remember when I was a child I thought a roll-top desk was the bees knees. It will need a bit of TLC; the finish is worn in spots, but overall the condition is excellent. The desk rolls up and down without a hitch and the chair swivels up and down which I know will be the biggest hit with my new-to-school girl.

The plans is to sand it down, and paint it white, personalize it with a few touches and a new desk set.

I can’t wait!!


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