Another Thrifty Find

Here is the next of my fun finds while out and about searching for a table and chair set: this cool seventies china hutch!

I have to say, I’ve found more awesome things back home in Pennsylvania than here in Massachusetts. There were at least four or five little treasures that were calling out my name, but I resisted until I found this piece! She is destined for the craft room, err, rather the craft “area” in the house as a home for yarn. I’m deathly afraid of moths, so having a place to put the fiber in something a bit more secure than a wicker basket is something I’ve been trying to resolve for a while.

She’s not very big, but she’s really cute! And after a nice spray of turquoise paint, a lovely black and white damask paper on her back, and a harware update (oh the possibilities!!) her personality is going to shine right through!

Now!! I just have to figure out how to get this and the desk up here from PA where my parents have lovingly obliged to store my finds for a few weeks. Can’t wait to get them back here to work on!

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