Hand Prints

A few weeks before the unmitigated stainless steel cup disaster, the kids, my mother, and I went to the local pottery place on a rainy day to keep us all entertained. We were there for more than three hours! I couldn’t believe how much the kids enjoyed themselves; the four-year old especially. The majority of the items she created were actually made for others, which warmed my heart.

For myself, I decided to make a platter of the kids hand prints, which has turned out to be quite a treasured item. The band around the edge was created using their finger prints.

We also made with three small plates with each individual hand, which the kids use every single day, and beware the mother who attempts to give the wrong hand print to the incorrect child.

We can’t wait to get back! Have you seen this idea for kids plates? I’m thinking of trying these next, which I think my kids would love.


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