Changes Are A’Comin’

Hello Friends. Tomorrow is a big, big day for us. After nearly two years of upheaval, we are finally ready to settle down into our new digs. Granted, our new home is a rental, but man-o-man… what a rental she is! Tomorrow our furniture is being delivered, so I am pretty sure I’ll be busy this week, but I wanted to share one more project that I’m working on for the new home–yet another thrifty find–a corner curio cabinet.

Here she is in her found state ::

And here’s what I’ve been using to get me through all the sanding and prep ::

She’s almost done and ready to be moved, but I ran out of sandpaper and spray paint, so I had to take a small hiatus. I’m hoping to have her all finished tonight, although we’ll see how those plans work out. I also need to get over the the new house to clean before the guys show up tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!