Progress, Slow But Steady

Hello Friends! It’s been a while since we’ve moved, it’s been five weeks actually. That is so hard to believe, yet here were are in June and I am still surrounded by boxes and chaos. When will it end I wonder? I see progress everyday, albeit much slower than that to which I’ve become accustomed–the three little ones definitely add to the complexity of it all–but I’ve heard that slow and steady wins the race.

During the re-settling, I have found a wonderful, meditative knit that I’m enjoying thoroughly, the Baby Drops cardigan. It has been in my queue for quite a while and it’s just the knit I need at this moment in time. Rows upon rows of garter, lovely short row shaping, all with very little counting or complexity. I was recently out in LA for my first visit for a dear friend’s baby shower and, heaven help me, I ran out of knitting. One emergency trip later, I cam back with three skein of mini moochi, a set of needles, a pattern, and an excellent traveling partner. I’m starting the second sleeve alongside my second cup of coffee directly after this is posted. I’m starting to feel a bit sad that the end is in sight. I just may need to begin another one to get me through this next month of unpacking and reorganizing, after all there is no shortage of babies arriving amongst our circle of friends, and a baby without a piece of hand knit is quite a tragedy, wouldn’t you agree?


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