Soup for Saturday

Saturdays are lazy days here for us. A day of rest under normal circumstances, we have found ourselves in pretty desperate need of some good, old fashioned PJ days while everyone’s immune systems recover for whatever new round is heading our way. The littles are getting over their sniffles, the husband is finally willing to try some food, and I need something quick and easy. I can think of no better time for some soup.

Due to everyone’s illness, we’re a bit low on groceries, and barely have any produce. However, we have an overabundance of carrots at the moment, erHEM, since I kept forgetting to remove them from the grocery list. We also had some ginger. Carrot Ginger soup it is then! However, in looking for a recipe, I came across one that also included miso. I’m going through a bit of a miso phase right now—a big steaming mug of miso soup my current breakfast of choice—so, this recipe sounded quite intriguing.

It was yummy. The soup itself was simple to make, and the miso tahini carrot paste was the perfect addition to brighten it up. The only change I made was to add a bit of orange juice to the soup, since we had extra in the fridge and I needed some extra liquid to blend it more easily. The coriander and cinnamon added just the right amount of interest to keep it from being totally boring, without making it over-spiced for the kids or my husbands currently sensitive stomach (boo for gastrointestinal viruses).

Ah yes, it was a lovely shade of orange. Such a nice bright spot in what was a rather quiet, mundane day.

I’m looking forward to some leftovers tomorrow!


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