Enter the Library

It’s been fun catching up with Christmas and all, but it’s about time to start showing you around the new house don’t you think?

Welcome to our library! Well, actually, this isn’t our library, it was the previous owner’s music room. All the stuff you see is theirs, not ours, but isn’t it lovely? This is actually a funky little pass through space; I guess it’s not officially a room since there aren’t any doors or closets, but then again, I guess a kitchen doesn’t have those either. Hmm… what makes a room a room after all? Anyway, this room occupies the space between the main house and the small wing that extends over the garage. I guess in all reality it’s the landing for that set of stairs hinted at by the handrail. We decided it would be the perfect place for our family library.

A family library! Doesn’t that sound fancy? I can’t believe I live in a home with a whole room (or landing) dedicated to books! But look at that little half wall shelf on the left side of that photo? Wouldn’t you agree that it is the perfect spot for a whole slew of children’s books? We have four kids, people, FOUR! We have an incredible amount of books all told and now I finally have a place for them all to live.

Here’s another view; I know it’s not a great shot, and I do apologize. I somehow forgot to take pictures of all the rooms before we started moving stuff here so I’m using a few of the shots I took quickly for our insurance agent before we closed on the house. Although you can’t see much from this angle, you can see how the little room is open, and how it’s positioned over the foyer. And look how bright and airy it is! If you can see the painting on the wall between the rails, well, that’s where our friends had their piano. Yeah, did I mention we bought the house from friends? Have I also mentioned how we remained friends through the entire process? Amazing! Anyway, you can also see that the room has lots of quirks, or maybe you can’t but I’ll tell you about them so you’ll be in the know. To first order, the room (or the not-room) isn’t square. Also, there are quite a few sloped ceilings to deal with, and small spaces like the area where we’d like to set up the kids’ books. But it’s open enough to host a few chairs, has enough wall space to set up a few bookcases, and is situated in the perfect area of the house to get away from it all for a bit and cozy on up with a book. I have big plans for this space.

Right after Christmas and New Year’s when all of our littles were coming down with their various viruses that would keep us all busy for the entire month of January, I walked through this space and kicked a box for one last time before I snapped; something has to be done with the dozens of boxes lying around and the empty book shelves collecting dust. I didn’t want to unpack the books until I had painted the walls, because once the books went up on the shelves, I knew it would be incredibly unlikely that I would remove them all again just to paint. Smart move, I must admit. I had a few swatches of paint taped on the wall, and the next morning I ran to the hardware store and grabbed some samples. The firs two didn’t do much for me, so I went back and grabbed three more just so I could have a wall that looked like this ::

Since I actually went with the color that was my least favorite of the bunch and not all all the orange I thought was the hands down winner based on the swatch, I’m really glad I took the time to buy the samples and get them up on the wall. I do remember a time when I would pick a color, paint it on the wall and be madly in love with it on the first try, but these days I tend to agonize a bit over which shade is right. Maybe it’s wisdom that comes with experience? I surely have painted enough rooms in the past ten years of being a homeowner, and I’ve certainly made a few memorable mistakes. Not that I have photo evidence 😉

And please also excuse the poor lighting of the next two photos. I was painting at night while the kids slept and not really worrying about the quality so much as making sure I grabbed some “in progress” shots. In my fit to get it done as quickly as possible, you can see I skipped over steps such as laying down a drop cloth…. got lucky this time, shew! The blue color that surround the light switch is my final pick, and now I have two whole walls painted and all the boxes of books unpacked! I still have a bit more work to do; the book are unpacked and mostly categorized, but not neatly stacked, there are a few lamps that are needed, a few pieces of art waiting to be put up as well as a wall or two yet to be painted, a few lights need to be hung on the walls, a few pillows made, my gram’s table is to be refinished as well as her chair, and just a few piddly more details. But I’m making progress, and it’s definitely starting to come together. Another post is coming after I get the lights hung and the lamps placed!

Oh happy day! So nice to see some progress!


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