The Library :: Lights, Camera… New Post!

Yay for weekends!! It’s so nice to be able to say “Hey, you, husband of mine and father to these here four children… take them, be merry, no chocolate! I’m going upstairs to work on something.” Yes indeed, weekends are awesome, as is the hubster.

So while he managed to avoid letting the kids devolve into a Lord of the Flies scenario, I went upstairs to organize a bit of the mess, install some lights on the wall, and rearrange a few things. Bliss!

So here’s some of the mess… old painting supplies laying around (am I the only person who has to google lay vs lie every single time I try to use it?), books untidy and on surfaces they shouldn’t be, new lamps placed haphazardly where little children are sure to pull their cords or knock them over. And way back in the corner, all by itself, you can see our sad little Peace Lilly who wanted a bit more attention than it was receiving.

So I rearranged the chairs, moved a few piles of books, placed the lamps and tucked back the cords, and moved our plant to a new location to see if it would be happier there.

The Peace Lilly

Meh. It’s OK, but it didn’t feel so balanced. So I tried another spot.

Little Lamps

I like it on the lower end of that shelf much better! See, that little landing where the plant used to be, isn’t really large enough to do anything more than take up space, or attract small children who are looking to get into trouble, and now that the plant is lower it blocks that little space a bit better. And I like the height much better; now you focus more on the foliage over rather than the awful black plastic pot, since the leaves are what’s at eye level when you sit. Yay!

Big Lamps

Then I tried another set of lamps on the shelf. I had some much trouble deciding which set when I was browsing Home Goods that I decided to take both home, try them out, and return the ones I decided against. These tall ones were probably my favorite, but in the end they are much too tall and do nothing more than invite disaster when one of the anklebiters comes by and accidentally gives it a push over the railing. Nope, it’s gotta be the short stack lamps for sure.

Wall Lights

The last thing I managed to do before kickoff was to install the wall lights I got for the kids’ shelf. I bought them from Ikea, and it really took no time to install; the hardest part was trying to figure out where to put them. In the end, I screwed them right into the studs, and moved one further away from the back wall, where I plan to install one more right over a hug floor pillow I’m planning on sewing to make a little reading corner for whomever wants to sneak away for some quiet time. I plan on buying a few cord clips to run the cords along the bottom of the wood shelf, but I won’t do that until after I’ve painted that wall. And I know the lamps seem to run into the space a bit, but when you’re little, there is still plenty of room to maneuver, and they stay cool so I don’t have to worry about them getting burned. Originally I wanted a few lights to clip over the book shelf itself, but I couldn’t find anything I was happy with that wasn’t too expensive, so these seem like a good compromise. We’ll try it for a bit and if it doesn’t work then we’ll try something else.. maybe have an electrician install a few hanging pendants!

Library Moth

And of course, as soon as the lights were installed, we had someone coming to check it out, as a moth to the flame! Luckily, it met with her approval!



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